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Blue Ridge Bucket List ~ Treasure Hunting

I managed to get lost driving around Blue Ridge earlier this year. I think I was looking for a donut shop or something and Google Maps decided it was taking a nap, so I was out there winging it like we did when I was a teenager in the 90s. While I was driving around and around (minus the heavy eyeliner and bad attitude), I noticed that Blue Ridge has a lot of thrift shops for a little town. It gave me an idea - I should compile a list of all the thrift shops for the treasure hunting types who come to visit. How useful! Also unnecessary because it turns out someone has already done this. Blue Ridge's Chamber of Commerce website, which is beautifully done and extremely helpful, has a page for shoppers with specific interests. Among them is a blurb for "Antiques & Uniques" that includes a link to a document listing all the area thrift, antique, and unique shops as well as a map. I went through and vetted each of the Blue Ridge ones specifically and came up with a sure-bet list of places to visit as of November 2021. Many of them support local non-profit organizations, so don't hold back. Make me proud!

Treasure Hunting Bucket List:

1. Humane Society Thrift Store:

2380 E 1st St, Blue Ridge, GA 30513


2. Design Re-Find:

146 Depot St, Blue Ridge, GA 30513


3. Blue Ridge Booksellers

691 E Main St, Blue Ridge, GA 30513


4. Mitzi's on Main

631 E Main St, Blue Ridge, GA 30513


5. Blue Ridge Mountain Mall

618 E Main St, Blue Ridge, GA 30513


6. Habitat Restore of Blue Ridge GA

4187 E 1st St, Blue Ridge, GA 30513


7. Attic Anomalies

21 High Park Dr Ste 4, Blue Ridge, GA 30513


Happy treasure hunting! May you have more luck than those Oak Island dudes. Still got my fingers crossed for ya, Marty and Rick.

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