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June in Blue Ridge ~ Bigfoot, Waterfalls, Fried Green Tomatoes

Remember that cute little itinerary I posted last time in anticipation of a family trip to Blue Ridge? Yeah, that fell apart. The trip got delayed and then shortened to just three days and two nights, so we lost a good bit of time. Then my husband had some Important Work Calls crop up that had to be worked around, so at one point I was just doing exactly what I do at home but in a different location. When we finally got the opportunity, tubing got thrown out immediately. Eighty degrees in the mountains with the shade from so many trees and your butt in cold river water isn't going to cut it for this family of weenies. We'll revisit that activity in August. So this is what we DID do:

We visited Expedition Bigfoot. It was a wild time. It's a self-guided tour, so you can move through as fast as you like, but the walls are covered from top to bottom with information and photos and specimens. You could probably go through three times and see something different each time. My favorite parts were the Georgia map of Bigfoot sightings (with a big cluster in the mountains EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE WHEN READING THE MAP) and the wall of alternative names for Bigfoot (Alabama White Thang is the best). The most disturbing part was the exhibit containing a Bigfoot stool sample... for obvious reasons.

We hiked to Fall Branch Falls, which crosses the Benton Mackaye Trail, a 300-mile trail that shares a trailhead with the Appalachian Trail and goes from Georgia, to Tennessee, to North Carolina. I know that sounds impressive, so I should point out that the hike from the parking area to the waterfall is only half a mile but my kids still complained about it. The falls are very satisfying - beautiful and splashy, clear little pools where we could see little creatures. We saw a salamander that refused to move or acknowledge we were there. It was fun.

On the way back from the hike, we got takeout from Toccoa Riverside Restaurant even though they apparently don't do takeout. What can I say? Small town folks are nice. The food was excellent and I ate all eight fried green tomatoes myself and didn't even care.

Less eventful outings included a stop at the local Food Lion, which is so very tiny, and Arby's, where my son announced he would like to order a cheeseburger. At the house, we got in the hot tub, played board games and watched movies on the big screen downstairs. Even though things didn't go exactly as planned, Honey Hollow was, as always, a comfort and a retreat for this weird little fam. <3

This guy looked like he'd been drinking the hand sanitizer all day.

1/2 mile of complaining. But they loved it.

Fall Branch Falls. Hashbrown no filter.

Sir, we can see you. We know you're not a rock. Sir, please.

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