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Mountain Spring & Family Time

I've always been a fall/autumn person, so you would think that fall in the mountains would be my favorite mountain season, but it's actually spring. I can't get enough of the bright, new greenery and little white and pink flowers, birds chirping, lighting bugs glowing, swift creeks bubbling, well... you get it. It reminds me of the local channel nature shows that came on when I was a kid in the 80s. Just a dude with a mustache walking through the woods pointing out the flora and fauna all around while bluegrass music played lightly in the background. At least I guess that's what it was - it may have been home vhs tapes of a weird uncle or something, but either way - I loved it then and I love it now.

Our family is going to be spending a few days at Honey Hollow in early June and I've put together a quick, springtime-in-Blue-Ridge itinerary for us:

Day 1: Head to The Lily Pad Village for gem mining and mini golf

Day 2: Tube the Toccoa River with Rolling Thunder River Company

Day 3: Head Downtown for food and shopping, then Expedition Bigfoot

Day 4: Walk the Toccoa Swinging Bridge and then hike to Sea Creek Falls

After delicious takeout for dinner, we'll end every night with a movie on the big screen and relaxing porch/wine time for the grownups after the kids fall asleep. Or at least that's what I'll tell myself. We'll probably be cleaning, replacing, or painting something - all the stuff that come with owning a vacay rental property - plus cleaning up after kids and meals and all the things grownups have to do on vacation. Last time we were there, we spent the entire time cleaning, purging, assembling new furniture, installing light fixtures, and several other projects I must have blocked out from exhaustion. I don't even remember if the kids were there - that's how tuned in I was to the family. But not this time. This time we're going to ENJOY it, even if it kill us, Fam.

THE BEAR MURAL. That was the other big project - I installed a massive bear mural in the kids' loft. You know what? That's not important. Forget I said anything.

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