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Queen of Appalachia

I am very picky about wall art, which is not to say that I have an educated or refined taste for art... just that I'm picky about what goes on the walls because I have to look at them over and over again. I think it was David Sedaris that said you can tell when people are rich because they have art on the walls that isn't pretty. Needless to say, we aren't there and doubt we ever will be. If I want to see some disturbing or uncomfortable art, I'll go to a gallery or look at it online. Keep it out of my living space - we're trying to spark joy over here.

The first time I saw the Queen of Appalachia print by @Asterosperma, I knew I had to have one for Honey Hollow. Queen Dolly embodies everything good about Appalachia (and if you haven't listened to her interview on Brene Brown's podcast, PLEASE do).

@Asterosperma sells two print versions of Queen of Appalachia as well as tee shirts. Check her out on Instagram or feel free to email her at if you're interested in owning one.

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