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The Social Media Highlight Reel Bucket List for Blue Ridge, GA

Maybe you're an aspiring social media influencer, or maybe you just enjoy making your frenemies jealous - we don't judge. Whatever the motivation, this is our list for a jealousy-inducing social media highlight reel. Here are some boast-worthy experiences and photo ops in Blue Ridge (and nearby). Grab your smart phones and let's go:

1. Hike the Appalachian Trail:

No one said you had to hike the whole thing. People hike it in sections all the time! The Appalachian Trail starts in Fannin County at Springer Mountain (about an hour's drive from Honey Hollow). A mile hike from the parking area will get you to the summit of Springer, where you can snap a photo of the AT trail sign and then brag about it forever. Long Creek Falls aren't too far away, either. Nothing makes you look more content and in control of your life than a waterfall selfie.

2. Visit the Highest Peak in Georgia:

Another easily accessible mountainous experience with excellent brag-ability is Brasstown Bald/Mt. Enotah in nearby Blairsville. At an elevation of 4700+ feet, it's the highest peak in Georgia and offers 360 degrees of social media photo opportunities. If you'd rather avoid the steep, half-mile hike to the top, just hop on the shuttle. This is America.

3. Ride a Horse through Hell's Hollow:

If the horse part didn't suck you in, just imagine tagging yourself in HELL'S HOLLOW. People are going to hate you so much for being this cool.

4. Relax at a Spa that is also a Winery:

We've all been to a downtown city spa for a massage, then were immediately forced out of our serene state as soon as we hit the door because of the unavoidable traffic and city noise. This is the *opposite* of that experience. Mountain spas are the best spas and you can't convince me otherwise. Plus, who doesn't want a selfie of your relaxed, sparkling post-facial face while holding a glass of pinot noir you're taste-testing? Add a mountain backdrop and we're done here.

5. Eat Photo-Worthy Food:

Think the North Georgia mountains are full of only Deliverance-themed pancake houses? Think again. Downtown Blue Ridge has managed to cram an absurd amount of photo-quality food establishments in an easily walkable area. After a big meal at Harvest, pop into Das Kaffe House for a macchiato and a cinnamon bun. Life is short! Just make sure and snap the photos first.

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