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What's New, Honey Hollow? Everything.

Honey Hollow got its name when it was bought by its new owners in late 2020, but existed as Mountain Dream rental cabin for years prior to that. Mountain Dream was a play on the street name, which is Dream Catcher. An odd name choice, assuming whoever gave the street its name was going for a Native American reference, since the dreamcatcher tradition is that of the Lakota and Ojibwe people, neither of whom ever resided in the area of Northeast Georgia, but that's a whole blog post for another day.

So other than a new name, what else has changed for the cabin? Well, just about everything. The new owners fell in love with the exterior style of the house and especially the view from the house, but knew the inside needed a lot of love. They also approached the changes as if they were creating a home that they personally would love to stay in - no cutting corners. The first big change was closing in the loft bedroom, which had previously been only semi-private. A partial wall and a door was added to the room, then the remaining loft area was converted into rustic bunkbeds, complete with bear-themed bedding, bear mural and personal lantern lights.

Then, new, clean, light countertops in the kitchen. No offense to people who love leaf/camo print on a countertop.

Why there is a massive return vent on the side of the cabinets is a mystery for the 2000s. Stay tuned for the eventual reworking of that.

Most of the remaining work was just purging and replacing - all of the kitchen/cooking/dining supplies, all decor, all window treatments (one of the owners has a vendetta against anything that can't be taken down and sanitized in the washing machine), all linens, the gas grill, rugs, and most of the furniture. They also added string lights to the porches, a projector and big screen, a ping pong table, and a bunch of games for the game room. Perhaps the most exciting addition was installing an on-demand water heater. No more shower rotations on vacation!

Still haven't figured out why there are two empty champagne glasses on a trivet on the bed in this photo.

So what's next? In the near future are plans to rework the fire pit area - level the area, add a brand new fire pit, and perhaps a minimalist-style railing to the edge of the front yard for a little extra security without obstructing the view.

So what's coming further down the line, eventually? Because the new owners are a bit high strung and overly excited, PAINTED WALLS (gasp!), kitchen cabinets, renovated bathrooms, new porch furniture, seating and a heating fixture for the luxuriously big and empty side porch (that faces the woods), and new flooring for the bottom floor.

Honey Hollow will continue to get better and better as time and budget allows. Part business venture and part passion project, this one is special. To book a stay, click here.

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